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Who We Are

The United Women of America™ is a nationwide organization that is dedicated to “Improving the Lives of Women”. Three basic programs accomplish this mission:

1. The UWOA™ disseminates information and educational resources through Internet-based programs.  These programs enable women to help themselves.  Using these self-help programs, women can maintain their financial stability, find and keep their jobs, advance their careers, and address the many obstacles that may interfere with these objectives.

2. The UWOA actively helps to resolve the financial problems of women.  We do this through programs involving selected merchants and service organizations.  Many responsible businesses cooperate with the UWOA to reduce the costs of goods and services purchased by women.  Helping woman-owned businesses achieve success is another top priority of the UWOA.

3. The National Breast Cancer Foundation will receive significant contributions when you shop using UW Shopping and UWOA Network links.  Other programs that help both women and children will also benefit.  Working women coping with high-risk circumstances are particularly vulnerable.  It may be nearly impossible for them to satisfy the requirements of a job.  Or their careers may suffer.  Mothers of high-risk children often experience similar difficulties.  Millions of women and children are suffering these conditions.  The UWOA works with the people who can help solve their problems.

BACKGROUND – The United Women of America™ was founded in 2003.  Several websites were created to generate

contributions to women’s charities and organizations.  At that time, many people believed that Internet shopping websites could never be successful.  They have been proven wrong. Women have always liked shopping as a fund-raising approach. But most do not wish to assume any organizational responsibilities. Maintaining websites is also unappealing. Nevertheless, our organization has persisted. Today the UWOA is a much improved organization.

RECENT HISTORY – The UWOA organization was completely restructured in 2011.  Newly added self-help and information resources are improving the lives of women. Our new social network will provide an important support group for women.  Shopping activity, sponsor involvement, and advertising programs have been revitalized.  The management of the UWOA and its programs has been shifted to third-party entities.  Women can now enjoy the benefits of the UWOA without engaging in the hard work required to maintain the organization.

Revenues generated by “UWOA Network™” websites fund the UWOA organization.  All expenses of the UWOA organization are covered.  Excess funds generated by the UWOA Network will be significant. Contributions and grants to others who can help working women will be substantial.

MEMBERSHIP – Membership in the UWOA is optional.  You do not have to be a member of the UWOA to visit our websites.  The use of our websites is free. You do have to agree to our Terms of Use.  Registration is required (see our Privacy Policies) if you wish to  post on our websites or use the “UW Social Network™”

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