UW Social | United Women of America™

The UW Social Network™ helps you make decisions.

Resolve your problems and concerns through discussions with other women.

UW Social™ deals with the issues … Jobs, Careers, Money, Family, Relationships … the daily elements of your life. “UW Support Groups™” cover these weighty subjects. When you don’t know where to turn, come to UW Social.


A strong support group is one of the most essential elements to achieve equality and survival in any endeavor. This is especially true of women in the workplace.  Blogs, forums, and social networks can provide valuable inputs to women who need help and support.

We have created a new “networking” system that will be available from all UW Network™ websites. The purpose of the “UW Social Network™” is markedly different from that of most social networks. The UW Social Network™ maintains groups that encourage dialogue about jobs, workplace issues, career alternatives, and other subjects in a manner that will “Improve the Lives of Women”.

The UW Social Network has been completed, but due to security issues and expense it is temporarily closed. We anticipate the eventual development of blogging features and forums in the UW Social network.

Monitoring of these website features is critical. Arrangements must be made for adequate supervision and screening of the UW Social network’s participants and their inputs.

Please visit the UW News™ section of this website for updates on the development of the Network.