UWOA Network | United Women of America™

UWOA Network

THE UWOA NETWORK™ consists of a large number of Internet websites linked to each other to accomplish a single objective … to “Improve the Lives of Women”.  The Network realizes this goal by enabling self-help coping skills, peer support, information resources, and educational assistance to women.  The Network receives contributions and advertising revenues that are expected to exceed operating expenses.  This will result in significant UWOA contributions to women’s causes as described under Participate.

The network is currently being expanded to incude all fifty states and several major cities.  Individual websites are already installed for each of these states.  Customization of these statewide websites is underway to combine them with our primary website … UWAmerica.com.

Each of the states in the list below provides an active link to their statewide website.  There is no need for you to visit any of the statewide websites until our customization has been completed.  We will advise you of our progress in the UW News section of our primary website.


List of State Websites in the UWOA Network™