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The UW Social Network

A strong support group is one of the most important elements of survival in any endeavor. This is particularly true of women in the workplace.  Blogs, forums, and social networks can provide valuable inputs to women who need support and assistance.

We are creating a new social network that will be accessible from all UWOA Network websites.  Our network’s objective is considerably different from most. The UW Social Network creates groups that generate discussion about jobs, workplace issues, career alternatives, and other subjects that will “Improve the Lives of Women”.

The UW Social Network is under construction. Completion is expected by September 1, 2012. We anticipate the eventual development of blogging features and forums in our social network, but this may take awhile longer.

Monitoring of these website features is critical. Arrangements must be made for adequate management and screening of our social network inputs and participants.

Please visit the UW News section of this website for updates on our progress.