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The UWOA cannot survive without your participation.


UWOA Self-Help features will improve your life.  Save money shopping with our merchants’ banners and ads.
When you participate, our sponsors and merchants help finance the UWOA organization and our programs.



Individual states, territories, and cities participate with the UWOA by joining the UWOA Network™. The UWOA Network consists of more than 1200 active websites as of January 1, 2013. Each website is separate and independent to allow for the customization of its programs.

The “UW Local” program customizes State and City websites. Click HERE to see the Nevada Regional Website, an example of a “State Website”. Although it has not yet been customized, information in UW Nevada website describes the customizing process.

The customized State and City websites adapt the UWOA programs to the unique circumstances of an individual area. To learn more about customization, please click HERE to see the “UW Local” program on the menu.

Customizing of the UWOA’s Regional and Local websites begins only after representatives of a local area choose to participate in the UWOA’s programs. The UWOA cooperates with Local Chambers of Commerce, State and Local governments, and other community organizations to develop a “UW Local” website.


Please support the UWOA by participating in UWOA Network websites. We want you to access our various information links. The UWOA finds information that will create valuable opportunities for you in the workplace. “UW Self-Help” trains you to find a job, keep a job, and move your life ahead. Access UWOA resources to improve your life at home … your relationships, family, parenting, and lifestyle choices.  You can restore your finances by learning how to budget, save, and spend wisely. Stay healthy and fit as UW Self-Help leads you to information that will help you, your friends, and your family.


UW Shopping is a primary source of revenues that keep the UWOA’s organization and its programs alive. When you shop on UWOA websites, the merchants and advertisers help support our organization. Merchants appreciate the UWOA because UWOA Network websites offer an exceptionally large audience of women buyers. The merchants demonstrate their appreciation by giving UWOA participants outstanding opportunities and bargains. Please click on the advertisements that appear on UWOA Network websites.  Review the product offerings. It is just like visiting a store at the mall. UWOA merchants can provide virtually any product or service that you want. Be sure to follow the guidelines at the top of the UW Shopping page so that your purchases generate commissions for the UWOA.


Women-owned businesses participate in the UWOA Network through the 1200+ websites of states and cities. A local administrator controls each individual website.

Women-owned businesses are listed under the “UW Local” menu option in their UW Local website. Each name in the UW Local directory links to another website, e.g., a website for a woman-owned business. Click HERE to view an extremely basic example of a UW Local List in the UW Phoenix website.

This easily developed listing promotes local women-owned businesses quite well. Each name on the list links to the website of each organization listed.

This list will bring more exposure to local and regional women-owned businesses in your area. In the future, your community’s website can be modified significantly to add many more features. Click HERE for more information on UW Local websites.


There is an extremely beneficial charitable component to UW Shopping. Your shopping generates money that we give to other organizations that help women. UWOA contributions focus on those which can “Improve the Lives of Women”. The contributions should be significant.

Organizations that are active in breast cancer research and awareness receive the UWOA’s primary consideration. The “fight against cancer” needs additional funding.

The UWOA will also contribute to other causes. Research programs that address gender inequality, workplace, and work-related family issues will receive the UWOA’s funds.

The UWOA will consider any and all advertising proposals for UWOA Network websites. At present, we are using only Affiliate Programs to simplify the startup of the UWOA Network.

Direct advertising for the main website will gradually be undertaken. We also want to generate revenues for participants in UW Local websites. Please click HERE for more information about the UWOA’s advertising programs.

The UWOA accepts and appreciates direct contributions from corporations, individuals, and other entities. The UWOA uses these contributions to help pay for the UWOA’s operating expenses. Funds in excess of the UWOA’s expenses add to the UWOA’s contributions and grants to organizations and others who are helping women as described above.