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Please read our documentation under the “About UWOA”menu option in UWamerica.com to understand our organization, our programs, and our goals and objectives. For additional information about UW Local websites or to proceed with a UW Local website in your community, please send your request using the email form at the bottom of this page.

Q. What is a “UW Local” website?

A. A UW Local website is one of several hundred separate and individual city or state websites that are included in the UWOA Network of websites. The UW Local website for your city or state can be customized to serve the needs and characteristics of your community.

Q. What is the UWOA Network?

The UWOA Network incorporates individual Regions and Cities into the UWOA’s national programs. The “Network” currently includes more than 1100 separate and individual websites. Each of the 50 states (plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam) has a “Regional” website already programmed. “City” websites are currently programmed in the 1000 largest cities of the United States. Several of the largest cities (e.g., New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles) have been further subdivided into Neighborhood websites. All that remains to be done for all of these websites is to make some minor adjustments and then flip the switch.

Q. What is the purpose of a UW Local website?

A. The goal of a UW Local website is to optimize the benefits of the UWOA’s programs for the women, the people, the organizations, and the merchants of your immediate area. This goal is realized by combining the best resources of your community with those of the UWOA’s national programs.

Q. How much does a UW Local website cost?

A. Your UW Local website will be established free of charge. Any costs to you or your community will depend upon whether and how you choose to customize your website.

Q. How much time does it take for us to activate and begin using a UW Local website?

A. In its simplest form, your customized UW Local website can be prepared by us and activated within a few days. A brief 5 to 10 minute telephone conversation is all that is necessary. There will be at no expense to you or your local organizations.

Q. How is this accomplished?

A. The UWOA’s local websites integrate the self-help, educational, and shopping resources of your local community with those of the UWOA’S national website, UWamerica.com. Your UW Local website will receive and deliver all of the information and benefits of our national programs to the women of your area. This is enabled by posting the UWamerica.com and UWshopping.net links and information on several appropriate websites in your community. In return, the UWOA will post your links on your UW Local website to organizations in your community that can provide assistance to women.

Q. Does the UWOA offer other program features that can help our local community?

A. YES. At a very minor cost, a few hundred dollars, you can expand your UW Local website through additional customization. Sponsors, merchants, other organizations, and the people in your community can receive additional benefits as you add various features to your UW Local website. We have no standard approach. Your UW Local website will be tailored to the unique characteristics of your community and your community’s current circumstances. In essence, you tell us what you want to accomplish and we help you find ways to do it!

Q. Can you provide examples of the benefits of this further customization?

A. Your local merchants are losing business to larger, national companies and merchants. The keyword of “UW Local” is local. We want you to introduce local programs using your UW Local website that will help your local community and your local population. The UWOA believes in helping the owners of small businesses. We can help smaller local businesses grow and increase their revenues. We can help your local merchants become more competitive with out-of-the-area merchants. We want your local population to obtain local jobs. As our programs grow in your specific area, the UWOA will gradually help you develop jobs for your local residents.

Q. How will the UWOA work with our community?

A. Typically, we will develop your UW Local website by working with the leaders of your community. This might include participants from your local government; your local educational institutions, your local Chamber of Commerce; your local business, church, and women’s groups; your local chapters of national “service organizations”; and other community-minded organizations, merchants, or individuals.

To obtain additional information about UW Local websites OR to proceed with a UW Local website in your community, please send your request using the email form below.
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Help local businesses grow.

Help local business women boost their profits.

Expand local educational resources.

Help local women find a LOCAL job.

Train local women to keep their jobs.

Provide assistance for working moms.

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