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Women – Save Money At Christmas – 2

Myths about an inexpensive Christmas

What holds people back from setting the goal of having an inexpensive Christmas? What are they concerned about when they toss around the idea? Everyone likes to save money, but, somehow the idea of doing so during Christmastime is enough to make even the bargain shopper pause.

Here are some myths about an inexpensive Christmas and reasons why you should ignore them.

1. “People will think you are cheap” – Inexpensive does not have to be a bad thing. In fact, many of your friends and family may even be relieved. They may be trying to spend less and save more, too. The key is to not hit the dollar store. Don’t try to buy a bunch of cheap stuff. Rather, you’ll want to get the best deals you can and buy good quality no matter the price-range. Whether you reduced your budget to $20 a person or $10, buy one nice item.

2. “You’ll feel guilty” – Well, maybe a little but you shouldn’t. Christmas is not about who spends the most money or buys the most extravagant gift. Besides, you will feel great in January when your credit card statement comes and you don’t dread opening it. In fact, someone should bottle that feeling of satisfaction you get when you know you don’t have a credit card balance any longer.

3. “Everyone will think it is ridiculous to cut back so much at this time of year” – The truth is people that know you will probably admire your strength. In fact, each and every one of them probably had the same idea at least once, got sidetracked and fell short of their goal. They will be impressed by your fortitude. And, who knows, they might even jump on the inexpensive bandwagon next year.

4. “You can’t buy anything someone would want for cheap” – Actually, limited budgets lend themselves to some of the most creative, appreciated and memorable presents. If you take a family photo every year, put one in a frame for the grandparents. It makes for a very inexpensive gift that any grandparent would cherish more than that new sweater. Likewise, a hand-made gift from a child is worth much more in the eyes of a parent than any blue box from Tiffany.

5. “I won’t enjoy Christmas as much if I can’t spend a ton of money on gifts” – Well, it’s like your mother always said, “You never know until you try.” It can take dozens of repetitions before an action becomes a habit. Once you see the results, saving money and not going overboard at Christmas will stick faster than most.

Whatever your hang-ups, beliefs or fears about simplifying Christmas are, they are likely unfounded. Tell yourself that you need to make the commitment to have an inexpensive holiday this season. Try it just once. You never know; you may like it.