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Women-Owned Business – Getting Started 7

Find Legal Help for Your Business –

Attorneys come in every shape, size, and purpose. There are contract attorneys, estate planning, family law, corporate attorneys, litigation, patent law, real estate and so on. Before you can set out on the search for legal help for your business, it is first important to determine what type of attorney you need.

Once you know what kind of legal help you need, it’s easier to find a match for your specialty. Here’s where to look:

Referrals. One of the best ways to find great legal help is to ask friends, family, and associates who they like to work with or who they know. Not only will this likely give you a list of trusted legal help, when you’ve been referred by a client, it may give you a little wiggle room with fees.

Online directories. There are a huge number of listings and directories online. Each one generally lists attorneys by several categories including specialty and location. One notable directory of attorneys and legal advisors is Nolo, http://lawyers.nolo.com/.

Lawyer referral services. These services generally require attorneys to register to belong to the referral service and the attorneys are also generally screened quite thoroughly.

Networking groups. Both online and off, business associations, forums, membership sites and local chamber of commerce meetings can generate a number of options for legal help recommendations. If you’re in a very unique industry and have specialized legal needs, starting with associates in your industry is likely the best first step.

Once you have a list of potential attorneys, it’s time to screen them to find the attorney right for you and your business needs.

Schedule a time to talk. Personality, communication habits, and demeanor are all important when seeking an expert to help you and your business. Take a few minutes to chat with any potential advisors.

Ask plenty of questions. Have they worked in your industry? Have they worked with your sized company before? What is their experience with your issues? What companies have they worked with? Can you contact any of their clients? How quickly can they turn around your project? Will they be doing the work themselves or will it be handed to someone in their firm or office?

Request an estimate of fees before you get started with actual work.

Building a positive relationship with an attorney is a great way to ensure your business needs can and will be handled as needed. Rather than waiting until you have a pending legal issue, take the time to find a great attorney ahead of time. If something comes up that is out of their realm of experience, they can most certainly recommend a specialist to help you.