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Women-Owned Business – Getting Started 4

How To Think Of A Good Company Name –

Naming your business is perhaps one of the most impossible decisions. It seems like there are a million options and yet very few if any sound good or resonate. The trick to coming up with a good company name is all in the process.

Step One: Remove all boundaries and brainstorm.

Often people become trapped in what they think they should name their company. They limit themselves with definitions, beliefs about what makes a good company name and quite honestly by thinking that their company name is the key to profitability.

Let go of all of those perceptions and simply allow yourself to brainstorm. Limit your brainstorming time. This will result in maximum results and the time limit will also help you eliminate preconceived notions about what a name should be.

Make a list of your ideas either by writing them down or if your creativity flows better when you speak then simply record them with a digital recording device. You could even call yourself on the phone and leave a long voicemail of ideas.

Step Two: Do a little keyword research.

Even if you’re opening a brick and mortar company and don’t plan to have an online presence, the majority of shoppers search online before they head out to buy products or services. This means, in order for them to find your business, it helps to have common search words in your company name. There are wonderful, and yes some of them are free, keyword tools available online.

Write down the keywords and keyword phrases which are commonly used and fit your company description and industry.

Step Three: Take a combined look at your brainstorm list and your keyword research.

Ideally you’ll be able to create a memorable and unique combination that both represents what your company is about but also incorporates a few keywords. That being said, sometimes a name strikes you as memorable and unique and try as you might there are just no keywords which fit. Relax. Go with your gut. If you’re really uncertain, consider taking a quick poll amongst friends, family and associates and ask them to choose between a few.

Naming your business is a big decision. However, with a little bit of broad thinking, some targeted research and a little optimism you will find the perfect name for your business.