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Women-Owned Business – Getting Started 10

How to Buy Inexpensive Professional Looking Business Cards –

Business cards are one of the staples of owning and operating a business regardless of whether you’re a brick and mortar or an internet based business. One never knows when they’re going to run into their next best customer. It could be in the grocery store or on a hike in the mountains – seriously! It pays to have professional looking business cards on you at all times.

The good news is, professional and quality business cards do not have to be expensive. Here are 5 great places to find inexpensive, and amazing, business cards to promote your business anywhere and everywhere.

VistaPrint.com. Vistaprint.com is probably the best known online resource for inexpensive business cards. In fact when you register with VistaPrint.com, you automatically get 250 free full color business cards which you can customize from more than 40 designs. On top of that great initial offer, VistaPrint.com often offers specials, discounts, and coupons on other promotional tools for your business including postcards, labels, magnets, sticky notes and so on.

123Print.com offers business cards for $4.95 for 100 business cards. Like VistaPrint.com, they also offer customized templates – more than 100 templates to choose from.

Printsmadeeasy.com is another online business card printer. Full color business cards start at $14.99 for 100 cards.

Finally, ClubFlyer.com offers 1000 business cards for $30. You can supply the artwork or have them supply it for you. They also offer you the ability to proof your cards. It is strongly recommended to always proof your cards. Imagine receiving, and having to throw away, 1000 business cards with the wrong information or spelling.

Your local printer and postal supply store often offers great rates for business members. Additionally, as a possible last option, you can purchase precut business cards at your local office supply store and, using compatible business card software, print them yourself. Quality paper and ink will help create a professional look.

It is almost guaranteed that you’ll run into a great contact or potential customer when you don’t have a business card. You could be at the zoo with your children, at the local pool, or on vacation. Stock up on business cards so it doesn’t happen to you. Business cards are not only a necessity for any business. They’re a valuable marketing tool. Of course they don’t replace a comprehensive marketing strategy but are an integral aspect of business marketing.