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Moms – How to Make Your Kids Smarter 9

Comic Books Will Help Pull Reluctant Readers Into The World Of Books :

Comic books can be used to motivate young children to read for a number of reasons. They are short, while still containing a complete and compelling story; they have detailed pictures on every page, which will keep young readers interested; and they have a distinctly “fun” style, with the superhuman characters.

The average comic book is around thirty pages, and for a younger reader who isn’t so keen on reading, a thirty page story is much more manageable. While these stories are only thirty pages per book, they are released in monthly issues. These monthly issues are very easy to follow, with such short issues, while still telling a full story. These stories can be followed for many years, most of the reader’s life even. For example, the X-Men comic Uncanny X-Men has run since 1963, and is currently on its 532 issue. The reader doesn’t have to follow a single story, as even five or six issues would be easy to read over the course of an entire month.

A defining aspect of comic books is the dual mediums that are used to tell the story, the pictures and the words. Comic books have a unique style to their illustrations that is very attractive to readers of any age, but would be especially eye-catching to a young reader. The presence of pictures on every page would also prevent young readers from getting lost in the wall of text, by separating the words into paragraphs of exposition and individual lines of dialogue.

The characters of most comic books are superhuman beings, usually superheroes saving the world from supervillians, monsters, and sometimes even aliens. The superheroes are ordinary people most of the time, with real concerns and problems that are easily connected to, as well as the responsibilities of their superhuman positions. There are even comic books that focus on teenage characters, such as New X-Men: Academy X, Young Avengers, and Teen Titans. These comics also have the characters go through teenage problems, such as growing up and fitting in, as well as the superhero problems.

The stories still maintain a mature feel with the comic book feel, which means a parent could enjoy following a story alongside their child. If a parent already reads comic books, they could introduce them to their child, and read through their collection with them. Comic books can also be a very social hobby, with a close-knit and friendly following who frequent hobby shops.

All in all, comic books can be a very entertaining way to encourage young children to start reading and to enjoy what they read. They are short and manageable, have cool pictures, have a distinct and fun style, and star characters that children can easily identify and empathize with. They also connect to other mediums, and encourage young readers to continue reading and to read more often.