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Women – How to Get a Job 1

How To Give Appropriate Answers To Common Interview Questions And Get Noticed:

Most interviews are determined before you ever set foot in the room. It’s about your preparation and your enthusiasm. Here are a few great tips to ace that next interview.

Tip #1 Know Yourself – strengths and weaknesses.

Get a pen and paper and making two columns, list your strengths and weaknesses. With each strength write a sentence or two on how that strength has been applied to your career and work experiences. Plan how you might be able to talk about these experiences and strengths with your interviewer.

As you did with your strengths, perform the same task with your weaknesses. Write a brief example of how your weaknesses have shown up in your past work environments and experiences but now write another sentence or two on how you overcome or compensate for your weaknesses. In essence, turn your weaknesses into strengths. Show your prospective employer that while you are aware of your weaknesses, the company will still greatly benefit from your strengths and your adaptability.

Tip #2 Know Your Story – Share Your Successes

Often interviews begin with the age old and dreaded question, “Tell me about yourself”. Your answer to this question will set the tone for the rest of the interview so it is important to take time to script a spectacular answer. Begin by talking about past experiences and successes. Summarize your career in a sentence or two.

Tip #3 Learn About The Company And The Interviewer.

Arm yourself with as much information about the company as you can. Dig information up on the internet, from friends and associates, from the company’s web site if they have one, and from your recruiter. They are your best source.

If you can speak intelligently on the company and ask provocative and relevant questions about your position, the company’s past, present and future, you will go a long way to showing your potential employer that you are a thoughtful, intelligent person who has invested a lot into this company and the interview. Proper preparation and an understanding of the company shows decision makers that you are a valuable, insightful member, and someone that they should add to their staff. This also gives you the ability to tailor your questions to the answers that they give you and the questions that they ask.

Tip #4 Be positive.

Even if you despise your present or past employer, never show a hint of negativity. People want to hire people they like and a positive attitude will show them you’re the right person for the job.

Tip #5 Bone up on potential questions and prepare your answers.

That being said, memorizing your answers will come across as forced. Know what you want to say and be comfortable with your answers.

Finally, relax. Interviews come and go and if you get the job, fantastic! If you don’t get the job chances are it wasn’t the right opportunity for you. Do the best you can to make a positive impression and then relax.