UW Local | United Women of America™

UW LOCAL™ websites support women – owned businesses and working women.

More than 1200 UW Local™ websites are committed to this purpose.


UW LOCAL™ websites are linked to each other to achieve a specific objective …”Improving the Lives of Women™”. The lives of women business owners are made better as hundreds of websites advocate for their businesses!

Q. What is the purpose of “The UW Local Program™”?

A. This program creates and develops independent UW Local websites for individual communities. Your local website will deliver information and assistance from local, regional, and national sources to women in your local area. It also simplifies participation in the national programs of the UWOA™
(United Women of America™) by local women and local women-owned businesses.

Q. How is this accomplished?

A. The UWOA Network™ has programmed individual UW Local websites for more than 1200 local areas. Working UW Local websites already exist for many cities, states, and neighborhoods. All of these websites link to UWamerica.com, the UWOA’s national website. Women in your area can start using your UW Local website now.

Q. How will our local community benefit?

A. Your UW Local website incorporates all of the resources of the UWOA’s national website, UWamerica.com. Your website will provide these national resources to the women of your community. The integration of the UWOA’s internal resources with those of your local area enhances the overall benefits of the UWOA’s self-help and educational programs.

Women-owned businesses in your area will benefit from increased recognition by your local community. They may also use the UW Network to extend the recognition of their businesses beyond your local area.

Q. What action should our local community undertake?

A. We recommend a three phase approach as follows:

  • Phase 1 – Your UW Local website is already working and fully functional. Please promote, advertise, and encourage your local women to use this website. There is no cost to your city or state or to the website users. Individual participation will help the women of your community.

  • Phase 2 – Your UW Local website should be customized to include your local resources with those of the UWOA. This can be done quite simply by your local government; your local Chamber(s) of Commerce; your local business, church, and women’s groups; your local chapters of national “service organizations”; and other community-minded organizations, merchants, or individuals. The time and expense are minimal.

  • Phase 3 – Over the longer term, many different features and options are available for your website. We do not encourage development beyond Phase 2 for quite awhile. Your local community should be comfortable with the UWOA and your local website before adding anything further.

Q. How does a UW Local website change in Phase 2?

A. Your website’s “UW Local” menu will link to special pages. These pages will list the names of organizations in your area that provide resources of value and interest to women. Each organization’s name will link to their own websites. Please click HERE link to see an example of a UW Local page. (This remarkably basic format is highly effective but optional. Your local representatives can create your own page or pages for “UW Local” in a design of their choice.)

Q. How long does this customizing take?

A. This can be done in a few days. The actual programming of this page takes less than one day. To begin, all that we need is a printed record of your local organizations and their website links.

Q. How much does a UW Local website cost?

A. We have already created and absorbed the cost of your initial UW Local website. A local sponsoring organization must complete and forward an annual subscription form in order to customize the website. The cost of your annual subscription should be less than $1000 depending upon the characteristics of your local area. Your NET COST will probably be FREE! In fact, your local sponsoring organization(s) will probably receive more income by participating in the UW Network.

Q. How will the UWOA work with our community?

A. Typically, we work with one person who represents the sponsor(s) of a
UW Local website. Phase 2 customizing usually involves only one or two short communications by phone or email. There should be no need for extended conversations or meetings.

Q. What are the benefits of additional customization in Phase 3?

A. The UWOA assists the owners of small businesses, particularly those that are women-owned. The introduction of additional functions for this purpose using your UW Local website should be considered. Your website will include at least three menu options to accommodate your new features.

Helps women-owned businesses grow.

Boosts profits for local business women.

Expands local educational resources.

Helps local women find a LOCAL job.

Trains local women to keep their jobs.