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The United Women of America™ (UWOA™) is dedicated to “Improving the Lives of Women™”.

Three basic programs accomplish this mission. UWOA Network™ websites provide access to information and educational resources. UWOA websites address the financial problems of women. Charitable organizations receive significant contributions from the UWOA.


ADVERTISERS AND SPONSORS – Both play a vital role in the overall programs of the United Women™ and the UWOA™.  They need our cooperation.  They provide support for the United Women through their exclusive offers. The UWOA receives exceptional pricing for many of their products and services.

Advertisers and sponsors need proof that we are deserving of their specific programs with the United Women and the UWOA.  We can confirm this by visiting their websites.  Your purchases of goods and services from UW Network websites reveal the extraordinary value of the United Women’s audience to the merchants. A positive response by UW Network users results in better “deals” from UWOA sponsors.

United Women and UWOA sponsor lists appear regularly in the many pages of the UW Network websites. We expect to derive significant funds from various sponsorship programs.  A portion of these funds helps to cover the operating expenses of the UWOA. Significant funds will also be received for the UWOA’s charitable donations.

The UWOA’S sponsorship programs are of four different types as follows:

UWOA sponsors participate in one or more of three key categories …. Nationwide, Regional, or specific Local Areas.

Nationwide sponsors provide funds for the UWOA’s comprehensive programs.  They cover certain of the UWOA’s operating expenses and also help provide resources for the UWOA’S charitable donations.

The contributions of sponsoring individuals and organizations appear in “Nationwide” lists of sponsors on all websites in the UW Network.  These lists provide links to various points in the sponsors’ websites at the option of the sponsors.

Certain sponsors wish to donate funds for the UWOA’s regional and community programs. Monies received from these sponsors specifically fund regional and community causes. The sponsors’ names appear within recognition lists in the UWOA’s regional and local websites.

All United Women and UWOA programs help women.  The UW Network provides a highly effective medium for advertisers to attract the attention of women.  Advertisers gain recognition for their organizations, products, and services. By advertising on UW Network websites, women will appreciate the inherent support of the advertiser’s planning for the United Women and the UWOA’s programs.

Within the UWOA’s merchandising and humanitarian programs, sponsors offer a variety of promotions.  UW Network websites offer many different options for women to connect to the websites or unique offers of UWOA sponsors.  UWOA sponsors also provide links and banners on UW Network websites to promote unique products and special “deals”. Links also enable users to evaluate other activities of sponsor organizations.

UWOA websites allow sponsors to demonstrate their distinctive understanding of the value of their women consumers.  Women benefit from significant discounts and lower pricing for UWOA participants.  Women are especially appreciative of sponsors that are “Improving the Lives of Women” financially.

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Advertisers and Sponsors