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The United Women of America™ (UWOA™) is dedicated to “Improving the Lives of Women™”.

Three basic programs accomplish this mission. UWOA Network™ websites provide access to information and educational resources. UWOA websites address the financial problems of women. Charitable organizations receive significant contributions from the UWOA.


PRIVACY POLICIES – We know that privacy and security are particularly serious issues for all users of UW Network websites. This notice describes UWOA, LLC’s privacy policies. By visiting any of the UW Network websites, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice.


UWOA, LLC and the UW Network websites DO NOT collect or store any information about specific individuals who visit UW Network sites. We DO NOT collect or store your credit card information. We DO NOT collect or store any of your personal information except when you voluntarily register and share your information for use by the United Women or the UW Social Network. We DO NOT collect, store, use or sell your email addresses to others. Under no circumstances will your information be shared with any other organization, merchant, or agency.

As you are aware, many websites do collect and store such information. The websites of the UW Network link to the websites of many Merchants. Since we have no control over the website practices followed by Third Parties, UWOA, LLC will not be held liable for any actions of these Third Parties in their direct involvement with you. Although we believe that the UWOA’s participating Merchants are quite reputable, you should read the privacy and email policies of these Third Parties if you are concerned about doing business with them via the Internet.


Statistical information is collected by the UW Network website programs. UWOA, LLC must do this to collect the commissions and advertising revenues from Merchants that in turn support the UWOA’s Services and the UWOA’s contributions. However, such statistical data does not include the names or other identifying information about specific persons. We cumulate data concerning the number of people who visit the UW Network sites, the number of link transfers to Merchant websites, transfers to their specific Offers, and the general activity of Users while they are in the UW Network websites. This information helps us provide better services for UW Network website users. Cumulated statistics (not including any personal information) may be provided to individual Merchant advertisers or to other Third Parties.


We will not provide or share your email address(es) to any Merchant or to any Third Party. Your email address WILL NOT be revealed, sold or otherwise transferred to any individual or organization or to any Merchant or Third Party directly by UWOA, LLC or the UW Network. The only way a Third Party or Merchant can obtain your email address is if you provide it to them directly when visiting their websites.

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Privacy Policies