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The United Women of America™ (UWOA™) is dedicated to “Improving the Lives of Women™”.

Three basic programs accomplish this mission. UWOA Network™ websites provide access to information and educational resources. UWOA websites address the financial problems of women. Charitable organizations receive significant contributions from the UWOA.


HOW WE DO IT – Our research programs enable UWOA™ participants to access “the best available information” concerning topics of interest to women.

We augment our preliminary research findings by including a highly credible universe of 150 to 200 popular websites to complement our own programs. The Internet conveys information from these websites to participating women.  UW Network™ websites provide the means to manage and distribute this valuable information.

This method enables direct access to self-help assistance and improves learning resources for all women.  The system is one that enhances the reputations and traffic of the websites selected.

By using the Internet, useful information is transferred to participants in the UWOA’s programs at minimal expense. The UWOA’s self-help approach reduces the need for schools, teachers, other workers, and the facilities of traditional educational programs.

The low-cost structure of the UWOA’s methods facilitates the discovery of even better information and instructional techniques.  Most importantly, direct support is available to women everywhere.

We list many self-help websites under the several topics of the “UW Information Finder™”. The best “information website” matches with the topics of the UWOA’s programs are selected and presented.

Very often individual websites include much broader knowledge and incorporate other topics. Exploring websites listed under topics other than your primary selection with UWsearch™ will frequently prove worthwhile.

Rarely can merchants advertise to an audience with the tremendous buying potential of the UW Network’s website viewers. The Network’s large following of more than 160 million American women seriously attracts advertisers. Merchants are more than happy to provide the bargains, deals, and excellent pricing that United Women shoppers want. The UWOA will realize substantial advertising and promotional revenues.

UW Shopping™ provides many opportunities for women to save money as they shop.  Merchants no longer have to charge higher prices to keep stores, facilities, and individuals to sell their products.  Merchants discount their products as they earn more profit resulting from reduced expense levels.  Coupons and vouchers offered to women through UW Network™ websites will further reduce women’s shopping costs.

The UWOA will receive considerable profits as women shop in the UWOA’s websites.  We will donate a significant portion of these profits to help reduce women’s health and work-related issues.  Unlike many charitable organizations, there will be no highly paid UWOA executives and workers to limit the UWOA’s impact.

Merchants that cooperate with the UWOA will benefit importantly. Participating merchants will gain valuable understanding, attract more women consumers to their presence (both physically and online), and make appreciative sponsor contributions to the UWOA.

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How We Do It