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The United Women of America™ (UWOA™) is dedicated to “Improving the Lives of Women™”.

Three basic programs accomplish this mission. UWOA Network™ websites provide access to information and educational resources. UWOA websites address the financial problems of women. Charitable organizations receive significant contributions from the UWOA.


WHO WE ARE – The mission of the United Women of America™ (UWOA) is to “Improve the Lives of Women™”, for all women but particularly for working women.

The United Women™ and the United Women of America™ were founded in 2003. At that time, several websites were created to promote contributions to women’s charities. Women liked shopping as a fundraising approach. However, most women did not want to assume organizational responsibilities or help maintain the websites.

Fast forward to 2016. The UWOA organization has been totally restructured. The management and operation of the UWOA and its programs were moved to a third-party entity. Women now enjoy the benefits of the UWOA without engaging in any organizational work requirements.

Of greatest importance is the complete overhaul of the UWOA’s goals and objectives. The UWOA is no longer just a fundraiser for charities (although we still do this). The organization’s focus has shifted to help women deal with society’s current attitudes toward their gender.

All UWOA programs reflect an underlying theme of EQUALITY FOR WOMEN. The UW Network™ promotes women-owned businesses throughout the United States. “UW Self-Help Information™” helps women find and keep a job. UWOA programs encourage women’s efforts to advance their careers. UWOA programs enable women to make better financial decisions. The UWOA helps women reduce their expenses and save money. The UWOA’s contributions to other organizations provide additional support for women. We advocate for gender equality in all that we do!

As we restructured, the UWOA’s earlier websites were expanded to include many new features. The UW Network™ is at the heart of this expansion. This new Network, already programmed and operating, includes more than 1200 local state and city websites. All of these websites address the local needs of their communities and promote local women-owned businesses.

All UW Network™ websites include newly added self-help and information resources that are already improving the lives of women. The UWOA’s shopping, advertising, and sponsorship programs have been revitalized and are available to UWOA merchants and other sponsors. A new “UW Social Network™” has been developed. UW Social’s support groups will help women make better decisions concerning all elements of their lives.

UW Self-Help™ information accesses many resources for women who are starting or managing their own businesses. The UW Network™ demonstrates the UWOA’s national effort to promote women-owned businesses. More than 1200 UW Local™ websites offer opportunities for women-owned businesses to gain recognition in local and regional communities.

UW Self-Help™ accesses information resources especially assembled for women. Each UW Network™ website disseminates this information. The UWOA’s programs enable women to help themselves. Obstacles that interfere with a woman’s success are often overcome by UW Self-Help information.

UW Self-Help™ accesses information resources that help women confront their financial problems. The UWOA also helps women financially through programs involving selected merchants and service organizations. Many reliable businesses cooperate with the UWOA. Their cooperation reduces the costs of their products and services when purchased by women through UWOA websites.

Revenues from the UW Network™ cover all expenses of the UWOA organization. Excess funds generated by the Network will provide contributions and grants to other organizations that help women.

Organizations and individuals associated with breast cancer diagnosis and research will experience significant contributions when women shop using the UW Network’s links.

Other causes that help women and children will also receive contributions from the UWOA. Working women coping with high-risk factors are particularly vulnerable. It may be nearly impossible for them to meet the requirements of their jobs. The UWOA works with organizations and individuals who can potentially solve problems related to high-risk conditions.

Membership in the UWOA is optional at the present time. Women do not have to be members of the UWOA to visit and use the UWOA’s websites. Although the use of UWOA websites is free, you do have to agree to our Terms of Use.

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