How We Do It | United Women of America™

How We Do It

Our research attempts to develop “the best information resources” concerning topics of interest to women. Our research is first distilled to create a highly credible universe of 150 to 200 public websites.

The Internet is then used to convey information from these websites to women.  The UWOA Network websites provide the vehicle to organize and distribute this helpful information. This process provides free access to self-help assistance and educational resources for all women.  The method is one that enhances the reputations and the traffic of the websites selected.  By using the Internet, desirable information is transferred to participants of the UWOA at minimal expense.

Unlike traditional education programs, the schools, teachers, other workers, and facilities are unnecessary using the UWOA’s self-help approach.  The low cost structure of our process facilitates the discovery of even better information and educational techniques.  Most importantly, free assistance is made available to women everywhere.

We list many self-help websites in the several topics of the UWOA “Information Finder”.  What are perceived to be the best website matches with our topics are selected.  Very often these websites include much broader information and cover other topics as well. You should explore the websites listed under other topics for additional information of interest to you.


Rarely can merchants advertise to an audience with the outstanding buying potential of UWOA website viewers.

Advertisers are very attracted to our huge group of more than 150 million American women. Merchants are more than willing to provide the bargains, deals, and special pricing that our shoppers desire. The UWOA will realize substantial advertising and promotional revenues.

UW Shopping provides many opportunities for women to save money as they shop.  Merchants no longer have to charge higher prices to maintain stores, facilities, and people to sell their goods.  Merchants will discount their merchandise as they realize more transactions at reduced expense levels.  Coupons and vouchers offered to women through our websites will further defray your shopping expense.

The UWOA will receive substantial profits as women shop in the UWOA’s websites.  We will contribute a significant portion of these profits to help resolve women’s health and work issues.  Unlike many charitable organizations, there will be no highly paid UWOA executives and workers to diminish our impact.

Merchants that cooperate with the UWOA will benefit greatly.  Our websites will list all sponsoring organizations and individuals to generate goodwill from our women members.  Merchants assisting the UWOA will receive valued attention, draw more women consumers to their presence both physically and online, and ultimately make appreciative sponsor contributions to the UWOA. for Gifts