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  1. On the job – 45 Things

    ON THE JOB – 45 THINGS – With more than a decade of writing about the workplace for Gannett News Service and, award-winning journalist, Anita Bruzzese, has a unique ability to spot trends and present them to readers, often ahead of other competing columnists. She consistently delivers critical workplace information to a consumer audience who might not otherwise be aware of the issues she addresses.

  2. One Louder

    ONE LOUDER – Heather Hamilton manages Microsoft’s Global Central Sourcing Team responsible for competitive research and programs. In this role, she leads Microsoft’s efforts aimed at enabling global research centers to monitor the competitive talent landscape and leverage opportunities to recruit the best technical talent through deliverables such as lead generation, competitive intelligence, training and opportunistic recruiting programs. Aside from managing a talented team of staffing professionals, Heather is probably best known as a blogger. She is a requested speaker on topics related to candidate outreach and community building and her blog, One Louder, has resulted in significant press interest including The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Fast Company.


    WOMENSENEWS.ORG – Women’s eNews is a prize-winning nonprofit daily Internet-based news service supported by its readers, events, foundations and resale of its content. It is the definitive source of substantive news–unavailable anywhere else–covering issues of particular concern to women and their allies. Launched in 2000, the independent media outlet provides women, and those who care about women, the news they need to know.

  4. Working Mother

    WORKING MOTHER – Working Mother Media is a company focused on culture change for working moms, women and diversity in the workplace. www.workingmother .com, the digital hub for career-focused and entrepreneur moms, delivers @home and @work information, advice and a broad range of news, solutions and resources daily along with the voices of more than 125 workmom bloggers.

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