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  1. Common Sense With Money

    COMMON SENSE WITH MONEY – Hi, I am Mercedes of Common Sense with Money. Helping other people live better, spend less, and save more is something I am very passionate about. I combine simple frugal living tips and smart shopping techniques to help moms across the U.S. become better home economists.

  2. Daily Worth

    DAILY WORTH – DailyWorth is a community of women who talk money. Like Weight Watchers to dieting, and Cliff Notes to literature, DailyWorth makes complex financial concepts simple. DailyWorth stands out as the go-to source about personal finance for smart, ambitious, working women.


    DEAL SEEKING MOM.COM – Tara Kuczykowski is introducing the basics of couponing to a new generation of coupon clippers through her money-saving blog, Deal Seeking Mom, teaching readers across the U.S. how to stretch their budgets in order to make room for occasional splurges. Living the good life while spending less is possible with just a little effort.

  4. Learnvest

    LEARNVEST – We want to help you live a richer life. We aim to do this by providing unbiased financial information to all women so that they can make the best financial decisions possible. Today, LearnVest enjoys a growing community of thousands of users who are taking daily steps to have mastery over their finances. The name of the website is derived from a combination of three words: Learn, Earn, and Invest.

  5. Ms. Money

    MS. MONEY – The mission of Inc. is to educate and empower people to take control of their personal finances. By doing so, we believe people will be able to live better lives, excel more in their careers, and pursue their dreams more fervently. We have created an award-winning Web site that helps achieve this goal. MsMoney .com teaches people the fundamentals of financial health, wealth building, career expansion and life skills that relate to money issues. Today, individuals are looking for a safe and reliable source for high quality, comprehensive financial information that meet their unique needs. MsMoney provides this with our seamless delivery of integrated expert financial content, interactive tools and services that provide visitors with a personalized method for securing their financial futures.