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    BETTY CONFIDENTIAL.COM – is a leading online women’s magazine with original content for women. The brainchild of Desha Productions Inc., a media production company creating and developing Internet properties specializing in women, pop culture, and politics. “Betty” is your go-to-girl for up‐to-the‐minute celebrity news, style and beauty tips, relationship advice, and healthy living and family life. She’s your best friend and confidant. Savvy, sexy and stylish, Betty loves to dish—especially with other like‐minded women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. includes provocative polls and surveys, daily dishy updates, and celebrity insight from the ever-snarky Mean Betty, adding to our entertaining, irreverent and informative content.


    CORPORETTE .COM – How did the site come about? After a few years of working near Wall Street, Corporette noticed that young professional women had a few things in common no matter where they lived or who they worked for. They all spent hours surfing the internet, either because long hours had thoroughly blurred the line between personal/home tasks or because there was significant downtime. Their problems were just a little bit different from the women the rest of American magazines were profiling — they had plenty of money but no time; they had to deal with extremely onerous demands at the office, and they were generally expected to be on 24/7.

  3. Glam

    GLAM – Glam Media was founded with the core mission of bringing brand advertisers online. Using the emotional, aspirational feel of print magazines as a model, Glam brings the emotive feel of print online.  As audiences spend more time online consuming media, brands looking to reach these audiences find Glam Media’s vertical media model to be highly effective for delivering a compelling mix of reach, quality content, engaged audiences, advanced insights, and social influencers.

  4. InStyle

    INSTYLE – The celebrity at the center of InStyle‘s universe is the reader. The red-carpet moments that matter most are hers. They are the many experiences – some exceptional, some everyday – that are heightened by a complete confidence that she’s greeting the world with her very best style. They take place in restaurants or on city sidewalks, on a night out or at a meeting. Every page inspires her, instructs her, and moves her to action.

  5. iVillage

    iVILLAGE – iVillage is the largest content-driven community for women online reaching 30 + million unique visitors per month. With over four million plus conversations annually and thousands of specific brands talked about weekly, iVillage is at the center of her digital routine. Everyday women come to iVillage to connect, share advice, find life tools and engage in conversations that matter most to them in areas of Pregnancy & Parenting, Health, Food, Entertainment, Home & Garden and Beauty & Style.

  6. Jezebel

    JEZEBEL – Jezebel is gossip, culture, fashion, and sex for the contemporary chick. Jezebel starts up where the glossies leave off — reconstructing the female media category for the modern age with a forward look at entertainment coverage, TV and film reviews, everyday sartorial advice, celebrity photos, social opinion, and a healthier take on female aspiration.

  7. More

    MORE – More is the leading voice of today’s sophisticated, affluent and accomplished woman, who is enjoying the richest years of her life, sharing news and advice on beauty, fashion, health, career, travel, money and relationships from her distinct perspective. Here, we invite you to share your own stories, ask questions, connect with other members, upload photos (Should you toss that dress from three years ago? We’ll tell you the truth.), swap secrets, offer your opinions and find all the information you need to live a joyful and successful life.

  8. Oprah

    OPRAH – is a premier destination site for self-empowerment and self-improvement, providing people with the tools they need to live their best lives. It is also the home to everything Oprah—on air, online and in print.

  9. Real Simple

    REAL SIMPLE – Filled with practical solutions to everyday challenges, transforms the brand’s unique content, trusted editorial voice, and sense of community into a customizable interactive resource—every busy woman’s indispensable tool. By offering time-saving solutions, delivers control so that women can find more delight in their everyday life.

  10. Savvy Miss

    SAVVY MISS – Welcome to Savvy Miss, a free website for women. We’re dedicated to connecting, empowering and providing information to women everywhere. From dating tips and love and relationship advice to women’s sex tips and sexual health advice and the latest in beauty and fashion, you’ll find information, advice and tips for women at the leading website for women.

  11. She Finds

    SHE FINDS – You’re busy – we know, we know. The busy career woman doesn’t have time to shop. She doesn’t even have time to browse the web much less paw through endless piles of cashmere sweaters at the mall. But she still wants to look good and stay on top of the trends. Relax. Our fashion blog and buying guides will help you figure out what to buy. We study the trends and surf the web for the best items, then pass on the info in newsletters and our blog. We even find online coupon codes and great sales – all you have to do is click. SheFinds doesn’t carry any inventory, so we don’t push anything we wouldn’t wear.

  12. Style

    STYLE –, a Condé Nast Digital site, is the definitive fashion website, extending the editorial authority of Vogue magazine to the Internet. Offering comprehensive runway coverage with over 50,000 photos, authoritative trend reporting, the latest social, celebrity and fashion news and interactive forums on every aspect of the fashion industry. offers visitors a total fashion experience.