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  1. 360º Job Interview

    360º JOB INTERVIEW.COM – At the heart of 360º Job Interview .com are our human resource professionals – 300 and counting, all interview specialists – from a variety of industries – including yours. 360º coaches hail from the top tiers of corporate America, most having worked for Fortune 300 companies. Their experience spans interviewing and hiring at all levels.  There are a lot of other interview “training sites” that offer pages of general interview pointers. At 360º we are real people, with real expertise and a commitment to giving you a leg up and a better shot at landing your next job.

  2. Careerjet

    CAREERJET – Careerjet is a job search engine designed to make the process of finding a job on the internet easier for the user. It maps the huge selection of job offerings available on the internet in one extensive database by referencing job listings originating from job boards, recruitment agency websites and large specialist recruitment sites. Using a fast and straightforward interface, users can query this database and save themselves the trouble of visiting each site individually. The job offerings themselves are not hosted by Careerjet and users are always redirected to the original job listing. Essentially, Careerjet acts as traffic driver to those sites.  Careerjet’s job search engine network encompasses over 90 countries, featuring separate interfaces that are translated into 28 languages.

  3. is now a leading job board used by students hunting for internships and recent graduates searching for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities. For candidates, key features include hundreds of thousands of entry level job posting ads (on-line help wanted ads), a School Finder feature which matches those interested in continuing their education with hundreds of traditional and on-line schools, and tens of thousands of pages of employment-related content, including articles, blogs, and Ask the Experts questions and answers.


    DIVERSITY JOBS .COM  – Diversity Jobs .com is a job search engine that finds job listings from company career pages, other job boards, newspapers and associations.  With one search, we help you find the job with your name on it.  If you believe online job search should be easy, fast, and honest, we have something in common! That’s what drives us — we believe that a job board should be beautiful and work exceptionally well. We also believe that there is a more satisfying job waiting for just about everyone, a job that has some special meaning for each of us. We believe that true happiness comes from aligning what we do at work with who we are as people.

  5. Hound

    HOUND – Hound is a world leader in the monitoring and reporting of jobs on employer websites, through its active and growing research into all employers throughout the world. Hound has over 300 employees and has been named one of the Top 20 Best Job Sites by PC Magazine, the #1 Job website by and among the 10 Best Online Job Search Sites by geeksugar.  Hound is a company owned by Employment Research Institute, one of the world’s largest conglomerates of job search-related companies.


    INDEED.COM – Indeed is one of the largest job websites worldwide, with over 50 million unique visitors and 1 billion job searches per month. Indeed is available in more than 50 countries and 26 languages, covering 94% of global GDP.



    INTERNETINC.COM – This is the 2011 guide to the top 100 US job search categories. For each top employment category it lists the top 3 or 4 niche job search websites.  Included are the top 30 job site niches. These rankings represent an average of 12 months search data at Google and are influenced by seasonal considerations as well as the business cycle — so take this top 30 for what it is, just a snapshot in time.


    JOB.COM – With the amount of time spent searching for a job and managing your career, the last thing you need is to spend hours digging for information designed to keep you informed in today’s job market.’s Career Advice & News Center takes the guesswork out of career advancement by providing one platform to search and read articles relating to job searching tips and up-to-date employment news. Simply browse through our library of articles indexed by category or search by keyword to find information on the topics that most interest you.

  9. Linkedin

    LINKEDIN – Many recruiters are searching social media sites for candidates instead of posting positions on job boards. They check out potential candidates’ profiles on LinkedIn before contacting them.  In addition to creating a profile on LinkedIn, job seekers can raise their visibility on LinkedIn by participating in groups and answering questions on the Answers section on LinkedIn.  Also, it is recommended that job seekers use the Jobs section on LinkedIn to find open positions. LinkedIn will automatically notify you of any connections you have to the company that has the job vacancy. This is a very useful feature since it’s always helpful to try to network your way into a company.


    MONSTER.COM – Monster pioneered the notion of helping people get more out of work by showing them that a better job was out there. And helping them find it at Monster. is the premier global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. We’ve been doing this for over ten years, and have expanded from our roots as a “job board” to a global provider of a full array of job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management products and services. At the heart of our success and our future is innovation: we are changing the way people think about work, and we’re helping them actively improve their lives and their workforce performance with new technology, tools and practices.

  11. Net-Temps

    NET-TEMPS – Net-Temps is a leading job board for temporary, temp-to-perm and full time employment through the staffing industry.  Since 1995, Net-Temps has ranked consistently among the top Internet job boards.

    Membership with Net-Temps is free for jobseekers. Users can search from thousands of new job postings, create a free Job Search Assistant to help find their next job, post up to 3 resumes and cover letters, set up job search agents and access other career resources including resume writing and interviewing tips, salary calculator and weekly newsletter.

  12. Simply Hired

    SIMPLY HIRED – Simply Hired is a vertical search engine company based in Silicon Valley, and we’re building the largest online database of jobs on the planet. Our goal is to make finding your next job a simple yet effective, enjoyable journey. We can’t always promise you’ll discover your dream job, but we’ll give you the best chance possible to get a bigger paycheck, a more considerate boss, or a shorter commute.  Our tools will turn everyone into an expert at finding the needle in their own personal haystack.

  13. Tweet My Jobs

    TWEET MY JOBS -TweetMyJobs sends you great job recommendations, where you want them, when you want them. Sign up once, tell us the type of job you are looking for and we will send perfect matches to your email, mobile phone or Twitter account. Just let us know what you prefer and we’ll make sure you get sent new opportunities before anyone else. Recruiters report they’re 20x more likely to hire candidates that are referred to them than ones that apply through online job boards. By integrating with Facebook, TweetMyJobs is different to all other job services because our job recommendations show you where you have the best chance of being hired.


    US.JOBS – This website includes a job search engine sponsored by the National Labor Exchange.  The search engine enables a user to research leading employers and browse employment opportunities to learn more about products and services, corporate culture, training programs, college recruiting, diversity, management and other information to help you make the best career decision possible.

  15. Women in Business and Industry

    WOMEN IN BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY – We are dedicated to promoting women’s rights in America’s employment and education. We aim to spread awareness of issues and opportunities concerning all female workers through news and by connecting them with employers who foster equal opportunity as part of their corporate policies. The careers and organizations listed here are dedicated to these ends.

  16. Women’s Job List

    WOMENS JOB LIST – Each job posted on Women’s Job List appears on the leading women websites for women.  Over the years, we have successfully matched thousands of job seekers with hundreds of companies all with the common goal of promoting diversity in the workplace. It is our mission to not only continue our proven success in job matching, but to work with both clients and users to tear down walls in the workplace that stifle innovation and create barriers to progress for everyone.