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Advertisers and Sponsors

ADVERTISERS AND SPONSORS play an important role in the overall UWOA program.  They both want our goodwill.  They will provide attractive support, unique offers, and special pricing for their goods and services.   Many will contribute funds to the UWOA.  All they require is gratitude and an active response from our participants to the special offers that we receive.

Our advertisers and sponsors need evidence that we are deserving of their cooperative efforts with the UWOA.  We can prove this by visiting their websites.  Our purchases of their goods and services from UWOA websites will demonstrate the unique value of our audience.  Responding to our sponsors in this manner will have a major impact on the success of our programs.

We expect to derive significant funds from several of our different sponsorship programs.  These funds will be used to cover the operating expenses of the UWOA.   Significant contributions will be realized by our charitable programs.  Our sponsors are recognized repeatedly in the many pages of our websites.


Our sponsorship programs are of four different types as listed below.


Our sponsors are included in one or more of three basic categories …. Nationwide, Regional, or specific Local Areas.

Nationwide sponsors contribute funds for the UWOA’s overall programs.  They cover certain of the UWOA’s operating expenses and also help provide money for our charitable donations.  The contributions of  sponsoring individuals and organizations are recognized in “Nationwide” lists of sponsors on all websites in the UWOA Network.  Links to sponsor websites are provided at the option of the sponsors.

Certain sponsors choose to contribute funds for our regional and local programs.  Funds received from these sponsors are separated from the general sponsorship fund, and are used specifically for regional and local causes.  These sponsors are recognized in the websites of the regional and local areas to which their contributions apply.


All of our programs are targeted toward women.  The UWOA Network provides a very effective means for advertisers to attract the attention of women.  Advertisers gain recognition for their organizations, products, and services.  And by advertising on our websites, women will recognize the implicit support of the advertiser’s organization for the UWOA and the UWOA’s programs.  Advertising choices are numerous ranging from nationwide coverage, specific regional coverage, and even coverage of smaller local areas.


Within our merchandising and charitable programs, sponsors offer a variety of promotions.  Our websites offer various options for women to link to the websites or special offers of our sponsors.  Our sponsors can also provide links and banners on our websites to promote individual products, special “deals”, and discuss other activities of their organizations.


UWOA websites enable sponsors to demonstrate their special awareness of the value of their women consumers.  This is accomplished using special discounts and lower pricing for UWOA participants.  Women are particularly appreciative of sponsors that “improve the lives of women” by helping them with their expenses in these difficult economic times.